Finding Buyers for Wood & Timber

Eastern Canada has one of the strongest timber markets in the country. Our climate is favourable for the development of a number of different tree species: diversity breeds sustainability!

Diversity provides a large and thriving market place, but it can present challenges for woodlot owners looking to find their place within the timber market. We are experts at helping guide woodlot owners into the timber market.

Bringing Experience into the Marketplace

For decades we have built strong relationships with a diverse set of timber users across Nova Scotia. Our dedicated staff can help connect you to some of the biggest markets in the province. After many years in the industry, we have become experts at predicting trends and maximizing profits, while promoting sustainability.

H.C. Haynes: The Most Trusted Forestry Consultants in Eastern Canada

The diverse timber market of Nova Scotia and Eastern Canada can be intimidating to enter. The best way to tap into this rich industry is to know your specific products and direct them toward the right buyers.

With decades of experience and a strong network of industry connections, we can help you build the professional relationships you need to help your woodlot thrive.

For more information on the Nova Scotian forestry industry and information about how we can help you access the most optimal market for your woodlot, please contact us!

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