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The growth of healthy trees is fundamental to the success of any woodlot. Silviculture is the practice of assessing and controlling the establishment, planting, growth, and composition of a woodlot to ensure that it’s as healthy, sustainable, and high quality as possible. We offer the most comprehensive silviculture services in Eastern Canada.

From New Beginnings to Fresh Starts

Silviculture services can be undertaken at any stage of woodlot development. If you have a fully mature woodlot that you want to help grow more sustainably, or if you’re looking to replant or plant trees on you woodlot for the very first time, our consultants can help. Our environmentally friendly approach to silviculture will encourage the long term growth and success of your woodlot.

Learn Your Local Ecosystem

Our team of experts are well-versed in the ecosystem of the Acadian forest, so we can help you grow trees that will naturally thrive in your local environment. The forests of Eastern Canada are the ideal climate for a number of tree species; a prime reason why the forestry industry is so well developed in this part of the country.

H.C. Haynes: Silviculture Services You Can Trust

Our silviculture services can help your woodlot grow in an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial way. By developing a strategy for the healthy development and growth of the trees in your woodlot, you save money on waste and disposal costs. This financial efficiency will help you to become even more competitive within the forestry market.

For more information on our silviculture services and to have your woodlot assessed by our forestry experts, please contact us!

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