Without even trying, the words pulp and paper conjure up images of vast forest and wildlife devastation. But some companies are trying to change that image. Environmental sustainability is always something to celebrate. When it comes for forestry management, companies like Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) are leading the way toward more responsible forestry practices, which can significantly help global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, the Cape Breton paper company celebrated its best audit to date. These findings concluded that:

  • 40% of PHP’s harvested land was non-clearcut, which has stopped unnecessary harm to the ecosystem
  • With harvesting machines equipped with GPS systems, forestry technicians can more accurately plan and monitor their operations.
  • Its continued investment in technological advances in the forestry industry have left the door open for greener practices.

Port Hawkesbury Paper

Port Hawkesbury Paper is the largest industrial employer in Cape Breton. It sells fine quality paper products to markets in North America and all over the world. Operating since 2012, it is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). As a high-quality paper company, its responsibility to the forestry industry to tread lightly on Nova Scotia’s diverse forest landscape is taken very seriously, which is why one if its sustainability initiatives include managing its forest for species conservation. In its recent publication on sustainability, PHP boasts that the following outcomes have occurred, thanks to the company’s continued efforts towards a greener forestry industry:

  • Total energy use has dropped by 4%
  • Reduced fuel consumption has dropped by 115,000 gallons

The pulp and paper industry naturally requires an incredible amount of energy, water and forestry. But thanks to the environmentally conscious practices of companies like PHP, Nova Scotia’s precious landscape is being harvested with great care. As a Cape Breton mainstay and main employer, PHP relies upon open communication, advice and input from members of its community.

When it comes to sustainable practices in forestry management, everyone can do their part. From residential landowners to large pulp and paper companies, there is always something we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. For more information on our forestry management services, please contact H.C. Haynes today.