Forest Improvements

Get the most out of your woodlot with H.C. Haynes. Our trusted professionals help private woodlot owners realize the full benefit of their woodland across the Maritimes.


Timber Marketing

Manage, market and sell your timber with the help of H.C. Haynes. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, H.C. Haynes can provide woodlot owners with access to an expansive timber market.



Learn how to grow strong, healthy trees on your woodlot with silviculture services from H.C. Haynes. Each year, our experienced technicians conduct silviculture on private lands in Nova Scotia to continuously improve your woodlot.

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H.C. Haynes is one of the leading forestry and forestry consultant companies in Eastern Canada. We help private woodlot owners get the most out of their family woodland by providing comprehensive forestry services. From growing trees to finding a market for your timber, the team of experts at H.C. Haynes is here to support your woodlot every step of the way.

H.C. Haynes recognizes the importance of growing strong trees, which is why we offer a series of silviculture forestry services to help you grow a diverse and healthy woodlot. We also provide sustainable forest management services to ensure that your woodlot continues to grow and improve every step of the way.

H.C. Haynes is more than just a forestry management company. We also provide marketing and consulting support for other foresters and woodlot owners who want to do their own management work, helping them to expand their business by connecting them with thriving markets.

Start realizing the true potential of your woodlot with silviculture, management and marketing support from H.C. Haynes.

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Forest Improvements

Owning and managing a woodlot is not always easy. Knowing what tree species to grow and how to grow them takes patience and careful planning. The forestry experts at H.C. Haynes can help you to create a forestry development plan that will result in a forest of healthy and economically viable timber. We can help you plan and manage a sustainable woodlot so it can continue to thrive and grow for many years to come.

Timber Marketing

The forestry industry in Nova Scotia and Eastern Canada can be competitive. Even with a robust woodlot and many healthy and beautiful trees, it can be intimidating to enter the timber market as a first time seller or small-scale competitor. H.C. Haynes has spent decades building connections across the forestry industry, so our business experts can help you find the appropriate market for your timber. If you need some extra support finding the right buyers and market for your product, H.C. Haynes can help you make the connections that will lead you to success.


The growth of healthy trees is critical to the development of any woodlot. Sustainability is not only important for the vitality of the environment—it’s also necessary for the continued growth of Nova Scotia and Eastern Canada’s important timber industry. The silviculture services from H.C. Haynes can help you maintain a sustainable woodlot long term.

Company History

Herbert C. Haynes began working in the Maine woods when he was young, helping his father with the family’s logging and trucking business. Although he didn’t have a formal education in forestry, he knew how to cruise timber and put crews to work harvesting the wood.

At the age of 15, Herbert C. Haynes began loading trucks by hand, then driving the load to market. When he started working in the woods, horses provided the power to skid the logs. In the 1960s, skidders changed the way the wood was moved.

In 1963, he formed H.C. Haynes Inc. The company operates from an office in Winn, Maine, employing many people in various locations in New England and Canada.

Although Herb has passed away, his family still operates the business. Son Jay is the company’s president. Daughter Ginger Maxwell and her sister Barbara French work in the office. From the beginning, H.C. Haynes has been a family-run company that understands the needs of local foresters. To this day, the team at H.C. Haynes is dedicated to the success of local woodlot owners and the forestry industry of Eastern Canada.


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