Forest Improvement Services

Owning and managing a woodlot is a serious investment and commitment. The trees on your woodlot need to be cared for to ensure healthy and sustainable growth, and the land also needs careful attention to foster healthy tree development. Without special care, woodlot owners may be spending more money maintaining their woodlots than they’re getting from it.

We work with private woodlot owners across Eastern Canada to ensure that they’re maximizing the benefits of woodlot ownership. We help ensure you’ll get a return on your investment and a healthy forest.

Forest Management Planning

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the task of maintaining a healthy, productive forest. A strategic forest management plan is the best way to keep your woodlot healthy and profitable. Our team of professional foresters will work with you to help you find the right woodlot property, maintain constant growth, and helping you find the best market to sell your timber products when it’s time to harvest.

What to Include In Your Forest Management Plan

Your forest management plan will reflect the unique needs and purpose of your woodlot; however, most forest management plans include some elements of the following:

  • A strategy to ensure sustainability and promote social, economic, and environmental values.
  • A 10-year action plan of woodlot development.
  • A complete inventory of species, size and number of trees on your woodlot.
  • An annual schedule of all forestry activities to take place in a given year (harvesting, planting, road construction and maintenance, etc).

H.C. Haynes: Your Forest Management Experts

Nova Scotia forestry is one of Canada’s most longstanding and thriving industries. Entering this market may seem intimidating, but owning a successful and sustainable woodlot can be a reality with the right direction.

Our experienced team of woodlot experts can help you make a detailed forest management plan that is practical and easy to implement. Our customized approach to woodlot management allows you to develop strategies for success based on your personal goals. These services are especially helpful for new woodlot owners looking to enter the market for the first time.

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