With the Nova Scotia provincial election around the corner, party leaders are fighting hard to secure as many votes as they possibly can. When it comes to the environmental issues surrounding greenhouse gas emissions, coal use, and reductions in clearcutting, all seemed deliberately vague during their recent debate held at University of King’s College.

Greenhouse Gases

For greenhouse gas reductions, both a provincial and federal goal, Nova Scotia has already reduced its emissions by 25%, which is right on target for its 2020 40% reduction goal promised by the NDP. While Liberal leader Iain Rankin addresses the importance of this environmental issue, he declined to commit to anything more concrete than a series of consultations, if elected. Meanwhile, Progressive Conservative Rob Batherson concedes to the necessity for reviewing 10-year-old legislation on the matter.


Sustainable forestry practices continue to be a hot debate. Like the fishing industry, the timber trade is a sensitive subject to many Nova Scotians, from politicians to scientists, from labourers to environmentalists. The topic that’s consistently up for heated debate is that of clearcutting and how much should be allowed…if at all.

The liberals were reluctant to take a solid stance on clearcutting, but were determined to hire an independent person to review the current forestry practices. While NDP rep Lisa Roberts remains devoted to limiting clearcutting to 50% of all timber harvesting, Jessica Alexander of the Green Party received a round of applause when she exclaimed wonder at the 50% number since it was obvious to her and her party that that amount was still much too high.

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