The forestry industry may have many players, but Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) maintains that it continues to be governed by scientific data and analysis. Its Crown lands are managed by scientists not corporations, says Lloyd Hines, Minister of Natural Resources. That also includes the harvesting of timber, which continues to inspire debates over sustainability, wildlife and environmental impacts.

Not an Arm of Industry

Contrary to popular opinion, forestry is not led by large pulp and paper companies seeking to line their pockets. The balance must be struck between the scientific evidence of the harvest’s impact and the economic potential. When it comes to harvesting timber on Crown lands, decision-making is science based.

Forest Management Guides & Forest Inventory Program

Data analysis is used to track and capture forest changes over time, such as soil erosion. By tracking this information over years and capturing trends, the DNR is able to see a clearer picture of how best to maintain and harvest Crown forests.

According to the DNR website, “The Timber Management Group develops forest management tools and information to sustainably manage the provinces wood products resources. This mandate is carried out by collecting data regarding forest resources and how they are affected by silviculture and harvesting.”

Online Harvest Maps & Contributions from the Community

Since 2014, citizens may observe and monitor proposed timber harvests of Crown lands, which are posted online. The online maps allow citizens to voice their input about these harvests. Community input does not go unheeded. Many harvesting plans have adjusted according to the collective voice of the province’s people.

Forest Protection

Harvesting is not the only threat to forests. Pests and wildfires are major factors in forest degradation. Science and technology are employed in this division to help stakeholders handle pests and disease, while monitoring weather stations to prevent and quickly eliminate wildfires.
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