Canada Premiers Take Softwood Lumber Issue to Washington

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Between June 6th and 8th, Washington was visited by Canadian premiers who were on a mission to discuss important issues surrounding trade, security, and agriculture. Yukon Premier Sandy Silver, who is Chair of the Council of the Federation, was supported by Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, Newfoundland & [...]

Environmental Commitments Not Promised by Party Leaders

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With the Nova Scotia provincial election around the corner, party leaders are fighting hard to secure as many votes as they possibly can. When it comes to the environmental issues surrounding greenhouse gas emissions, coal use, and reductions in clearcutting, all seemed deliberately vague during their recent debate held at University of King’s College. Greenhouse Gases [...]

NS Politicians Debate Over Pressing Environmental Issues

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As the provincial election draws near, Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, and New Democrats are busy pointing fingers at each other over the state of the province’s eroding coastline and the current government’s failed plan to reduce clear cutting by half. If one thing is made evident by the tone of these political debates, it’s that Nova Scotians [...]

Nova Scotia Avoids Trump’s Softwood Lumber Tariffs…for Now

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Canada recently became the target of Donald Trump’s mission to “Make America Great Again” when he introduced a heavy tariff—over 20%—on Canadian softwood lumber imports. While the US and Canada have squabbled over lumber prices for many years, Trump seems to have made the lumber trade the newest focus of his campaign, which does not bode [...]

Department of Natural Resources Governed by Science

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The forestry industry may have many players, but Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) maintains that it continues to be governed by scientific data and analysis. Its Crown lands are managed by scientists not corporations, says Lloyd Hines, Minister of Natural Resources. That also includes the harvesting of timber, which continues to inspire debates over [...]

So Far, Ivany Report Has Little Effect on Forestry Industry

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Three years after the report called, Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Actions for Nova Scotians, or Ivany Report, was published, there doesn’t seem to be much of a change in the province’s current economic state. The report, which essentially laid out 19 recommendations to get the province’s dwindling economy on the path to progress, [...]

Pulp and Paper Company Leader in Sustainable Forestry Management

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Without even trying, the words pulp and paper conjure up images of vast forest and wildlife devastation. But some companies are trying to change that image. Environmental sustainability is always something to celebrate. When it comes for forestry management, companies like Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) are leading the way toward more responsible forestry practices, which can [...]

Forestry Technician: A closer look at their role in preserving Canada’s forests

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It is often overlooked how integral a forest technician is to the management and conservation of Canada’s forest resources. Their principle role is to oversee all forest operations, from mapping, trucking, and road-building, to harvesting, cultivating trees, and managing forest products. Without their continued devotion to Canada’s natural environment, our forests would not be as healthy [...]

Cap-And-Trade Systems and Their Influence on the Nova Scotian Forest Industry

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Cap-and-trade systems are a type of economic and environmental management system in which governments implement economic incentives for business to produce in more sustainable and environmentally-conscious ways that reduce harmful emissions. Many industry experts and environmental activists have argued that introducing a cap-and-trade system to the Nova Scotian forest industry would help generate profits for woodlot [...]

Nova Scotia Forestry: The Balance Between Industry and Preservation

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The forest industry is one of the biggest drivers of Nova Scotia’s economy and important aspect of the province and the livelihood of many of its residents. The protection of Nova Scotian forests is equally important, and finding a balance between ecological preservation and industry can be an ongoing challenge. Sterling Belliveau, the NDP’s Natural Resource [...]