Canada Premiers Take Softwood Lumber Issue to Washington

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Between June 6th and 8th, Washington was visited by Canadian premiers who were on a [...]

Environmental Commitments Not Promised by Party Leaders

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With the Nova Scotia provincial election around the corner, party leaders are fighting hard to [...]

NS Politicians Debate Over Pressing Environmental Issues

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As the provincial election draws near, Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, and New Democrats are busy pointing [...]

Nova Scotia Avoids Trump’s Softwood Lumber Tariffs…for Now

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Canada recently became the target of Donald Trump’s mission to “Make America Great Again” when [...]

Department of Natural Resources Governed by Science

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The forestry industry may have many players, but Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) [...]

So Far, Ivany Report Has Little Effect on Forestry Industry

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Three years after the report called, Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Actions for [...]