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Environmental Commitments Not Promised by Party Leaders

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With the Nova Scotia provincial election around the corner, party leaders are fighting hard to secure as many votes as they possibly can. When it comes to the environmental issues surrounding greenhouse gas emissions, coal use, and reductions in clearcutting, all seemed deliberately vague during their recent debate held at University of King’s College. Greenhouse Gases [...]

NS Politicians Debate Over Pressing Environmental Issues

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As the provincial election draws near, Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, and New Democrats are busy pointing fingers at each other over the state of the province’s eroding coastline and the current government’s failed plan to reduce clear cutting by half. If one thing is made evident by the tone of these political debates, it’s that Nova Scotians [...]

Nova Scotia Avoids Trump’s Softwood Lumber Tariffs…for Now

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Canada recently became the target of Donald Trump’s mission to “Make America Great Again” when he introduced a heavy tariff—over 20%—on Canadian softwood lumber imports. While the US and Canada have squabbled over lumber prices for many years, Trump seems to have made the lumber trade the newest focus of his campaign, which does not bode [...]