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Pulp and Paper Company Leader in Sustainable Forestry Management

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Without even trying, the words pulp and paper conjure up images of vast forest and wildlife devastation. But some companies are trying to change that image. Environmental sustainability is always something to celebrate. When it comes for forestry management, companies like Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) are leading the way toward more responsible forestry practices, which can [...]

Forestry Technician: A closer look at their role in preserving Canada’s forests

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It is often overlooked how integral a forest technician is to the management and conservation of Canada’s forest resources. Their principle role is to oversee all forest operations, from mapping, trucking, and road-building, to harvesting, cultivating trees, and managing forest products. Without their continued devotion to Canada’s natural environment, our forests would not be as healthy [...]

Cap-And-Trade Systems and Their Influence on the Nova Scotian Forest Industry

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Cap-and-trade systems are a type of economic and environmental management system in which governments implement economic incentives for business to produce in more sustainable and environmentally-conscious ways that reduce harmful emissions. Many industry experts and environmental activists have argued that introducing a cap-and-trade system to the Nova Scotian forest industry would help generate profits for woodlot [...]