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Growing strong and sustainable woodland is important. We offer a series of silviculture forestry services to help you grow a diverse and healthy woodlot.

Marketing support is essential come harvest time. We have the tools to connect foresters and woodlot owners with thriving markets, to ensure they receive top dollar and fair treatment.


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H.C. Haynes: A Family Company

Herbert C. Haynes began working in the Maine woods when he was young, helping his father with the family’s logging and trucking business. Although he didn’t have a formal education in forestry, he knew how to cruise timber and put crews to work harvesting the wood. At the age of 15, Herbert C. Haynes began loading trucks by hand, then driving the load to market. When he started working in the woods, horses provided the power to skid the logs. In the 1960s, skidders changed the way the wood was moved.

In 1963, he formed H.C. Haynes Inc. The company operates from an office in Winn, Maine, employing many people in various locations in New England and Canada. Although Herb has passed away, his family still operates the business. Son Jay is the company’s president. Daughter Ginger Maxwell and her sister Barbara French work in the office. From the beginning, H.C. Haynes has been a family-run company that understands the needs of local foresters.

To this day, the team at H.C. Haynes is dedicated to the success of local woodlot owners and the forestry industry of Eastern Canada.


In 2016, I signed a contract with H. C. Haynes Ltd. to log the merchantable softwood and hardwood on my two woodlots located in Tupperville, Nova Scotia. The woodlots, with a total of approximately 200 hectares, are on the south side of the Annapolis River with access via highway 101. Mr. Stephen Cole supervised the cutting and his crews did a commendable job of identifying the mature stands and extracting them while minimizing the damage to the land and the immature growth. His crews also completed silvaculture in selected areas. Payments were punctual and I was pleased with the professionalism of the Haynes personnel. I would recommend that any non-resident woodlot owner consider contracting H. C. Haynes Ltd. to harvest their timber knowing that the job will be completed competently with an honest accounting of the products that are sold.
David Bent, Toronto, Ontario
After purchasing a forested property for our family for recreation and investment with no intention to cultivate the forest, I was very skeptical when contacted by Mr. Cole of H.C Haynes and was told a part of my property had reached a time in growth that would be prudent to cultivate that particular parcel. Not knowing much about forestry I opted for three additional opinions from well-known forestry companies in the province, all telling me that I either cut the old growth or lose it to windfalls(which had already begun) or rot. After four opinions of what i should do and what i could expect for tonnage, as well as compensation for the tonnage, we decided to move forward on cultivating a portion of the property with H.C .Haynes as our forester. When the harvesting was completed and final tallies were in, Mr. Cole proved his worth as he was the closest to the scaling of timber on the property, who by the way was 15 % higher than the next closest tally and paid the highest compensation. As well as being very conscientious to our wishes on how and when we wanted the cultivation to take place they took pride into following up after the following summer to show the regrowth taking place and gave their professional opinions as how to move forward with the cultivated property. We found our experience to be very positive and would not hesitate to use their services again.
Jeff Miller